Our Story

Home-Start Havant began in 1983 and is now one of over 325 schemes in the UK within the national Home-Start organisation which is also developing internationally, sharing expertise to benefit communities across the globe. We help many families including those facing difficulties such as isolation, ill-health, disability, and postnatal illness. In the past year we have organised Christmas Parties, Coffee Morning and Scheme Outings.

Although part of a national organisation, Home-Start Havant is firmly rooted in the local community, managed by a committee made up of local representatives from relevant agencies and individuals with specialist skills. Home-Start UK provides valuable guidance around policy, training, information and personal support, enabling Home-Start Havant to respond to local needs, but have the quality of service derived from agreed national quality standards.

Children, parents and the wider community all benefit from Home-Start Havant’s work. We provide a service which isn’t seen to carry a stigma and is therefore sometimes more acceptable to families than Statutory Services. The fact that a Volunteer chooses to visit a family helps a family to feel valued and has an immediate effect on their self-esteem.

Home-Start Volunteers support families in a sensitive and flexible way. They share their time, friendship and work alongside parents focussing on their strengths and offering families the opportunity to develop new relationships, ideas and skills. This usually leads to renewed interest in the children, an improved response to their needs and greater confidence to avail themselves of other resources within their community.