Jane, a single mum with a 3month old baby boy Charlie, was referred to Home-Start in July 2012.  Mum had involvement with Parkway (Mental Health Service) had been sectioned in the past and had a CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse) visiting her weekly.  The family was extremely isolated and vulnerable.  Jane had very low self-esteem and lacked confidence.  Her parenting was good, but her low mood would impact on Charlie's development.

An assessment visit was carried out and Jane was encouraged to have the support of a home-visiting volunteer, with the focus to get Jane and Charlie out and about, possibly attend a Home-Start group and take on tasks such as trips to Asda.

Visits took place weekly and slowly Jane began to build a trusting relationship with the volunteer.  Together they went to Asda, although Jane found this traumatic and was tearful, she did achieve it and they began to plan more challenges that Jane could successfully accomplish.  After 5 months Jane's improved confidence allowed her and Charlie to attend the Home-Start Family Group.  Again Jane struggled with the social interaction at the group, but slowly began to talk to others and join in the activities.  Charlie loved the group and the group worker was able to encourage Julie with his development in weaning, crawling and interacting with other children and adults.  Parkway signed Jane off, as she no longer needed the support of a mental health worker.

The volunteer helped Jane return to her studies and she has gained 2 NVQ'S.  Her confidence has grown and she no longer has the support of a volunteer.  Jane and Charlie are regular attendees of the Family Groups and participate in all the activities.  Jane has grown in confidence, made some friends and Charlie is a happy, bright little boy.  Find out how you can help us here.