Lisa with child

Karly was referred in June 2011 after the birth of twin boys, one who has additional needs.  Mum was suffering from post-natal depression and struggling to cope with their demands.  She has a partner who works long hours and no extended family support.  Karly was matched with a volunteer to help with the twins and attend hospital appointments.  The volunteer helped Karly establish routines and became an extra pair of hands to help with the children.  Also Karly was able to off load her concerns to the volunteer who provided a much needed listening ear.

Karly became pregnant again and delivered the baby early.  Karly was then diagnosed with a serious life threating illness.  She remained in hospital whilst the baby came home.  The volunteer continued to support the family by helping dad with the twins and house-hold chores.

The volunteer continues to support the family, mum's illness is terminal and she has very bad days from her treatment.  She is sick, tired and unable to cope with the everyday demands of running the home.  The volunteer continues to visit weekly, offering emotional as well as practical help to the family.  The visits enable some sort of normality for the family, with the children going to the park, library etc.  Mum also benefits from having someone outside  the immediate family, to talk through her worries and fears without fear of judgement and prejudice.