Mark is a single dad, who has a history of drug and alcohol abuse.  He has two sons both of whom lived with their mothers.  Bobby who was 11 months old was removed from his mother's care and Mark applied to the courts for custody of him.  The courts decided to give Mark a chance if he was willing to work with substance abuse agencies, Childrens Services and other support.  Mark rang Home-Start to refer himself when Bobby was placed in his care. 

A volunteer was matched with the family and began to help Mark with parenting Bobby.  The volunteer helped establish household routines and boundary setting with Bobby.  Mark sought emotional support from the volunteer and gained confidence in his abilities.  He stayed clean from substance misuse and started to make a new circle of friends.  Mark and Bobby attended the Home-Start Family Group where Mark and Bobby joined in the activities, singing and story time.  Together they accessed other groups and looked at Nursery places for Bobby.  The volunteer helped Mark with budgeting, shopping and cooking.  After 18 months Mark no longer needed the support from Home-Start Havant.