Who We Help

Home Visits

Home-Start is available to any family with at least one child under the age of five years who live in the Havant Borough.  They can be referred to us by their Health Visitor, Social Worker or any other agency, or they can refer themselves.

We aim to find a volunteer, who will get on well with the family.  Volunteers, who are usually parents themselves, are carefully recruited and trained before being matched with a family.

They visit the family once a week, for around two hours at a time, helping with shopping, visits to GPs and the hospital.  Playing with children, and encouraging parents to play with their children.

Volunteers are there to lend a helping hand, to listen and to have FUN!  Volunteers are non judgemental and will not tell families what to do.

The family will have a named co-ordinator who they can get in touch with at any time.  The co-ordinator will visit them from time to time, to assess how the support is going, and to see if there is a continued need for support.  We do not set time-limits on the length of support offered.


Family Support Groups

We run 3 family support groups run by paid family group staff.  The groups offer a safe place for children to play and informal support for parents.

We take referral for families to attend the family groups only if the referrer feels this form of support would be more appropriate than a home-visiting volunteer.